As mentioned above my intentions were to natural parent EXCEPT co-sleep. I quickly ruled it out with my impending fear of squashing my little bundle of joy. The sidecot was our perfect compromise. I dreamt of my little baby all cosied up, happy to smell and see his mother-so close. We would swaddle him to ensure he received the womb experience. If he stirred I would place my loving hand in the cot and he would ,of course, soothe.

Well my dear boy did not get the memo

He misleading slept in his sidecot on the first night but come day two he would flinch and wiggle, looking lost and uncomfrontable.Swaddling him was like containing an angry animal. A limb would burst out and he would begin his houdini method of escape. I could not bare him looking so unsure. And so our co-sleeping journey began.
I did not trust my instincts, what if I turned over and roll on him? What if I kicked him out the bed. So we ‘sensibily’ decided that we would take two hour shifts at night, we use any method (pokemon go was a lifevsaver for my husband) to keep ourselves awake as our boy slept in our arms.

After four days of this maddness. I gave in. My husband watched as I slept and guess what? I didn’t even move an inch not even a cough. I now deeply enjoy our night cuddles. Watching him gentley breathe and snuggle in close. He often sends of his hands lightly stroking my fave to check I am still there.

As I research into to our accidental co-sleeping I found that there are many benefits and pros so ditch feeling guilty and enjoy those cuddles- ( Blog to come!)

Disclaimer: Do ensure you look up on how to safely co-sleep here on NCT website: