Before entering the world of parenting I often envision myself to be a fully ‘Green Parent‘; The kind that could knit whole outfits (I can knit as long as it as simple as knitting down-Scarfs are a real winner);they would never give their child calpol; they would only steam cook their organic vegetables and only use reusables 24/7.

The reality of natural parenting is a lot more complex,time consuming and difficult to negotiate in a modern society that often looks at (parts of it) of such parenting as… rather crazy!

My son was born July 27th 2016, a blissful homebirth (all be it 25 hours of it!). And ever since I have been on the search for parents with the same parenting style. I have met many lovely mothers and fathers,however, they often think my husband and I are crazy to co-sleep, to be routine free-ish(blog to follow) and to follow ‘attachment parenting’. Maybe we are crazy?

This immediately left me in a dilemma.. who do I turn to for tips and advice ? Such as: How do I pee successfully whilst wearing a sling? How did you get your baby to sleep in their sidecot?  How do you avoid those midnight leaky poo resusable nightmares? And  what does any mother do when haunted by such questions? Google. My best friend. A seriously dangerous place.


Hence this blog was born! My time to rant,confess, chat with like minded parents and (hopefully) share my successes.

Disclaimer:written one handed (sleep deprived mother) holding sleeping and teething baby-spelling and mistakes highly likely!

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