Why is it babies and toddlers love anything is not a toy? 

Here is my homemade.. super cheap– basket of ‘non toys’

Contents (so far):

  • Metal whisk- Poundland
  • Three wooden spoons, different sizes-Poundland
  • Metal Colander- Poundland
  • Two plastic Ball Balls, too big for the mouth and all fastenings removed- Wilkinsons
  • Yarn ball- kid you not..- poundland
  • Foil like wrapping from a biscuit selection box. (Cut open so no longer a bag)
  • One plastic mirror- found this around my house?
  • A present box- lovely gift box from a friend.
  • Massager- (currently- unuse present from my husband)-body shop
  • Basket- from my work friends! (If you would like to know where it is from please feel free to ask me and I will investigate!)

I love love love sensory baskets as they are so adaptable. As our babies grow and interest change we can add and take away the items.

Little boy is a few days away from 6 months and his favourite items are the spoons and colander. He enjoys the great noise these make… even at 6am in the morning.

I am looking forward to updating you on any additions to our basket of fun.

P.s  The basket is always use with full supervision and a very watchful eye. A ‘No blogging policy’ during playtime 😉