I began todays meal with a real sense of calm(ish)…we can do this.


  • Headless Aparagus
  • Avocado
  • Banana

Banana? Are you mad? All respectable advice encourages four days between introducing new foods(just in case of allergies). The rebel I am. But seriously who has ever heard of an allergy to banana? (Que the hundreds of replies from people who are.)

Banana sorted. I cut the ripe avocado. (I so have this weaning thing sussed).It seems soft, in fact too soft.Surely it is better too soft? 

Little man responded well to his headless Asparagus. Oh pants, avocado can be too soft.Opps. My dear son attempted the slippery and slimey field that was his food. As he grabbed the avocado pieces they flew elegantly ( yes elegantly, clearly as they were perfect finger size). It all began to look more like a farce than a lunch. Little man gagged as he finally ate some banana ( which had also gone the same slimey texture).

Gagging is fine, remember… noise means no choking, stay calm. This then of course (fellow overthinkers would appreciate this) led to a wave of panic. How will I know when HE is choking. Will he just look like he is quietly eating? I poked my son, he looked unimpressed with me, but made no sound (yup, panic time). Google.

.. Only panic if he is blue. PHEW All clear.

Top Tip: A lovely friend suggested tucking the bib in to discourage any squirrel like behaviours and super messy clothes.

Note to self: Tucking in the bib is all well and good until you forget to roll up his sleeves. See picture above.

Google (Post meal panic):

How likely is it that my baby is allergic to banana ?

What are the symptoms of a banana allergy? 

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