My personal list of all things great and annoying.


  • If your are breast feeding you don’t  have to get out of bed. Bliss!
  • More Sleep! (Research shows babies that co-sleep sleep longer!)
  • You naturally regulate their breathing and heartbeat just by being so close
  • You get cuddles all night long
  • It is like having your own little hotwater bottle!
  • You don’t need an expensive cot
  • It is (one way of many of course) a bonding experience
  • Supports baby emotionally during that tricky ‘Fourth Trimester’
  • You are force to go to sleep earlier (a valid excuse)


  • My son likes to enjoy a large portion of the bed- I am squashed between two giants!(my husband is not a giant but bloody tall)
  • I have to go to bed when Little Man does
  • If I am having a wiggly day.. I wake him up (Little Man does not appreciate that!)
  • The durvet/pillow Dilemma

Are you a co-sleeper? What are your pros and cons?