Baby led Weaning Recipe!
I have always disliked cereal. No, correction hated cereal. Why is it all slimey? I would rush to eat my breakfast cereal as child to avoid the mushy milky mess it would quickly become.

I have been desperately searching for alternatives for Little Man and I ( soon to be eating soilds)

I stumbled apon this on Pinterest (which I have adapted)- a simple breakie idea.

All you need is a yogurt of your choice ( I reccomend Greek Natural Yogurt for our babies no nasties!) and a fruit of your choice ( I buy in frozen fruit for such projects-way cheaper). You could add a little honey for older children or adults alike.


Scoop your yogurt into a baking tray, place fruit on top or mix it in. Pop in your freezer, til frozen solid (preferably laying flat…you can see these were on a slant.) Voila, your breakfast is complete.

All I would say is that it is a more suited treat/snack/breakie in the summer.

Brrrr cold

P.s I recommend slicing up the berries if it is for young children/babies.