The day finally came.


  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Asparagus

I had been so excited about introducing him to some of my personal favourites that I’d not thought through how practical asparagus is as a finger food.

This then led to great panic! Do I chop off the spears? Or do I leave them on?( I had weird visions of the heads falling off with ease that he would choke..) I searched Google madly, guess bloody what?! No one has been crazy enough to ask such a question. Or to try asparagus as a first meal!  

I franctically cut off the spears and resumed back to calmness. I decided to boil ( as I do not have a steamer and the colander takes far too long) the headless asparagus. This lead to the second flood of panic, how soft did his finger food need to be? Google again.

‘ As long as it is soft enough to be easily mush with the gums’

And for the first time in my entire life I found myself annoyed at the fact that I had all my teeth (except two that were removed for my brace…) How would teethy me know if the food is gum mushable? I tried to chew the asparagus as if I do not have teeth which is hard when you do… seems okay.

The avocado and cucumber were a lot more simple, and If I don’t say myself, I manage to cut them into perfect finger size.

Top tip: I brought the highchair into the kitchen, so that I could cook our lunch (as advice says eat with them). Little boy happily munched the cucumber.. his first appetiser!

I lay the funny looking asparagus and perfect sized avocado on his tray. He certainly enjoyed the experience. But as you can see most ended up on the floor. He only  gagged once which I remained super calm (my husband would relay the story differently.. and he would mention that gagging is different to choking) as I tipped him up and patted his back like there was going to be no tomorrow.

We decided to lay an old towel on our white carpets in our RENTED accomdation. Next step: find a wipeable alternative.

Note to self: Avocado was definitly too hard, panic about all of the veg/fruit next time.

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