Homebirth you ask? Are you mad you say? Won’t you turn into some crazed animal shouting give me the drugs? Isn’t super dangerous to be away from hospital? Aren’t you scared?

We may be a little mad, but that has nothing to do with us choosing to birth at home. I would go as far to say it was one of our best parenting decisions ever.


So here is why we choose to have a baby at home.

  1.  No parking dramas-My husband kept having visions of leaving his panting wife outside the hospital to spend hours searching for a parking spot only to find he had forgotten to bring change for the meter.
  2. Privacy– just us and the midwives (one comes once you are in active labour the other comes along for the last big moment)
  3. Oxytocin– A friend to us all. This wonder hormone keeps the labour going. Aka the love hormone aka the SEX hormone. So it works best were you feel most relaxed. The thought of bright lights, people coming and going and a car journey did not sound like my thing. (nothing says oxytocin like strangers and a hospital gown 😉 )
  4. Control: I wanted to eat what I wanted when I wanted. I wanted to have the environment the way I wanted. I want to move around anywhere and everywhere how I wanted. I wanted to watch 40d when I wanted.(side note Goggle-box kids was a great early labour watch!)
  5.  Internvation is less likely: stastically you less likely to have forceps or c-section
  6. My own… clothes,bed,shower, food etc (I am sure I would of forgotten to pack half of the stuff I needed)
  7. Candles real ones: enough said
  8. One to one care: Our midwife was with us from active labour all the way to Little Man’s first feed. Plus another midwife joins during the last stage. Some seriously good two to one care.

Feel free to ask me any questions!

If you are interested here are some websites with more information:



Blog to follow on how my home birth went! Plus a friend or twos experience of their homebirths.

Did you have homebirth? Why did you choose to?