Nappy rash is no ones friend. Little boy is fortunate to have rarely been effected. But we all want our babies to have happy healthy bottoms.

This is were my handy…but not cheap side kick comes in. Oh yeah,coconut oil is not just a pretty face!

I was shocked when I first read the back of some nappy creams. Paraffin? Isnt that use to start fires? ( turns out heavy liquid Paraffin is not to be mistaken to Paraffin-opps but still)Alcohol? There no way our son is going anywhere near Alcohol til he is at least 18 ;)!

But do not panic, coconut oil is here to save the day.

Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E and full of moisture plus it smells yummy. No nasties. It’s great for daily use to prevent nappy rash but also effective to help sort out a nasty case of it.

A little tip my husband thought of:  pop some coconut oil into a seperate jar for bottoms only. So the rest of the pot can be used for dry skin or baby massage session!

A friend blessed us with our current pot of coconut oil. Perfect present! But you can find jars of coconut oil for a good price on ebay! Plus the jar lasts ages.