We quickly decided that we would never use commerial wipes. They often sting my own skin. There must be something causing that sensation? With some research our minds were made up. No baby wipes.( if your interested in knowing what is in a lot of baby wipes have a read of this blog written by Emily (who has a science background) http://www.mynontoxicbaby.com.au/baby-wipes-safe-chemicals-baby-wipes/

But what are we going to use? Water wipes sound like a great alternative but they are super costly (and only have a shelf life of 4 weeks). With little choice Old school ‘Cotton Wool‘ and water it was.

I would be flat out lying to you if I said that my son had never had a baby wipe near his bum. Many a time I have gone to change his nappy and forgotten to get some fresh warm water. I am may be abit crazy BUT not CRAZY enough to carry my nappy free pooey son through the house.

Sounds like hassle? Well it doesnt have to be. Here are some tips we have develop to make it managable:

  1. Not any old cotton wool type will do! We use cotton wool pads as they stay together better and don’t give our little man a fluffy butt.
  2. When we are using a changing room out and about we prep the cotton wool before you take your baby out of the sling or pushchair.
  3. Use a spray bottle with luke warm water for day to day use.
  4. Remember it is nasties free ( always a good motivator ) 
  5. POSSIBLE TIP ( we need to test it out first) small flask to keep the water at a nice tempature

    How do you make cotton wool more managable? Share feel free to share your wisdom!