As you all know the last few weeks have been rather intense. Sleep has been slightly limited due to varying reasons ( horrid colds, brutal bronchitis and those bloody teeth).. At times like this I question why we decided to go down this gentle parenting stuff…. I day dream of a baby free bed and arms empty naps. 

The research is endless on the importance of meeting your babies emotional and physical needs. 

So here are some techniques we have developed to persevere (survive) through those times.

Pass the baby:

My poor Little Man, ever since he was tiny I have been very open to letting everyone/anyone (I even once thrusted him towards a lady on the bus as I sorted out my buggy. Not sure how she felt about that) have a cuddle. I don’t mean you have to leave them-unless they are ready of course(Little Man is super chill until I leave..). But take them out and about, share the cuddles (plus reducing the mess making at home). I drag him along to all sorts from church to my workplace. This helps him socialise but also gives me a break to enjoy a cuppa and look at him from a new angle. 


I know right? Classic advice which is almost impossible. I am not saying nap when they do as this can be super effective time for sorting out your life/house/blogs (unless they nap on you…like my little monkey). But get your husband/partner/otherhalf/friend to watch them at your house for an hour or two and sleep. You will be surprised at the amount of people willing to help


They are your best friend. I even worked out how to pee with them on (no judging people I was desperate) Little man has just grown out of his slings.. it is a disaster!! ( on that note any sling recomendations?). You can eat with two hands,hoover with ease and write blogs with no typos!

Time to an art:

Little man is happiest playing on his playmat first thing in the morning, so I time my clothes washing to first thing (post sling days, during them I could do this pretty much anytime). I now make sure get a cup of tea and just sit. Bliss(ish).

Baby Led Weaning:

Have I mentioned my love of BLW? Well here is another reason. You can sit down together three times a day and you get to eat (under six months I will draw your attention to the amazing SLING solution). My darling boy is only just on solids so he is eating  one meal a day ,however, I still offer him beaker of water(this pretty much entertains him).


Remind yourself why you went down this route (let’s be honest it wasn’t because it was the easiest).Reread research or a book that inspired you to attachment parent. I do this weird (but rather effective) talking his feelings outloud thing. If he is crying (and I am questioning life and fearing my hearing) I would ramble: “you are crying because your teeth are hurting I would be moaning about this to everyone if it was me” etc…. this really makes me empathise with him, even at 3am (why is it always 3am?).

I have written a short piece on Little Man’s sleep. Click here to read it:

What strategies have you come up with? Please share your wisdom…my list is not long enough!