I love simple, adaptable and quick recipes. This fits the bill to a tee. AND we know how much a dislike soggy cereal for breakfast.


  • Eggs ( I used six medium eggs for my deep tray above)
  • Milk-just a splash otherwise the mixture is too watery
  • Whatever is in the fridge!


Pop the desired fillings in cupcake tray. Whisk your eggs and milk in a jug. Pour your mixture evenly into each hole. I put them in the oven for about 15-20 minutes on 180 degrees celius ( until the muffins are firm and not watery)

So simple! To begin with I will make plain ones for Little Man as it will be his first experience of egg.( just in case of an allergic reaction)

Suggestions for fillings.

  • Ham and cheese
  • Leek and prawn
  • Spinach and tomato
  • Spring onion,feta, kale and tomato (as seen above our personal favourite!) 

Choking Hazard: if you are using cherry tomatoes be sure to slice them into small and safe size.

What did you put in yours? Let me know!

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