If I could have a penny the amount of times I have been told of the miracle of the carseat. Babies across the world scream themselves blue until they’re are placed within a car. The engine purs and gently vibrates sending the baby into some kind of hypnotise state. They fall asleep calmly…..

Well let me set the scene. My easy going baby (except teething and illness stuff) happily coos in my arms. He waves his hands about in excitement to be outside. I slowly and lovingly​ place him into the carseat. Suddenly all changes. He glares as I buckle him up. Okay, I think maybe this time it will be different.. he may of grown out of it?
10 minutes later….

Little man screams. Like going a ‘I  am chuck up everywhere ‘ scream. I am singing every song I have ever heard.. I find Mc Hammer will temporarily stop him ( I am not sure if this is out of pure joy or shock?!). We have literally tried everything. I have played white noise on my phone. I have even tried to make my own constant humming noise(oh yess..I try the smoothing tune of a  hair dryer meets waterfall). I have shown him array of toys. Pulled every face I can imagine until my cheeks are sore. I have even tried to play the most trippy and annoying kid friendly things on youtube (this is a real sign of desperation as we don’t do ‘tv’).

But tonight I finally developed the trick. I am not sure how this tactic came about. It is like my mother instinct kicked in (they say it is strong stuff). I opened my mouth (after attempting my famous white noise sound ) and out came a talking whale voice. Yes like the Nemo one. Low and slow like a true talking whale.

I ammmm a whaaaaaalee. Arrrre yooooooou a whaaale tooooo?

All was calm. I carried on for 20 more minutes. Did you know that the word whale doesn’t sound like a word after saying it over and over?
Problem solved. I know right best ever parenting tip from a blog..

How do you keep your little one calm in the car? Does the whale voice work for you?