The sensory basket is the perfect activity to distract my increasingly fraustrated Little Man, he recently decided that he wants to be the Usain Bolt of his generation (the issue is that he can only go backwards to his great confusion/dismay). Plus who doesn’t love mucking around with things that are usually out of bounds?(yeah we’ve all been there just remember that feeling you get when you see a button that says don’t touch!)

I decided to add two new items to our basket of non-toys.

  • One baby toothbrush-from the local pharmacy(way more costly than I thought it would be)
  • One (unused) bath sponge-from a bath giftset

I decided to add the indentical toothbrush to the one that I have brought in preparation for his teeth (although it feels like he has/will be teething forever). This is my sneaky tactic to get him used to it.

Little Man has developed a new habit of scatching material…I know right, random! But I thought the sponge had a new texture. I hope it is up to scatch ;)….

Interested in making your own? Check out my orginal post to find out the details of the contents:

What do you have in your sensory basket?