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February 2017

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness: not in our household!

Parenthood is a lot like student life. You  are up at all hours of the night. Naps become a daytime norm. You only shop during off peak hours.The microwave becomes your best friend. And of course you have that one... Continue Reading →


Savoury Sweet Potato Pancakes with Dip: baby led weaning recipe

Little Man loves sweet potato. My husbamd loves sweet potato. Who doesn't love sweet potato?  So here is a sweet potato recipe for you to enjoy! I am still hunting for cereal free breakfasts. I realised that my sugar addicted... Continue Reading →

Parenthood The Ultimate Competition: ‘developmental race’

The other day I was at the doctors with Little Man (we are rather frequent vistors at the moment). He had a nasty wheezy like  cough (turns out it just the bronchitius hanging about).  I began the visit with my... Continue Reading →

Teething Terrors-Helping Hints

As you all by know I like to avoid all nasties... here are some wholesome teething relief ideas: (Disclaimer nothing has completely cured the grumpy, sad and gnawing baby) BickiePegs- strange little rock hard biscuits. They are sugar free,butter free,... Continue Reading →

Transport Tantrums: the joys of parenthood during rush hour!

It was around 17:00 on a Monday and it was full on rush hour (organised people avoid such peak times..I have never been described as organised). Little Man by some kind of miracle was asleep (if a miracle counts as... Continue Reading →

Baby Led Weaning: summary week 2 & 3 

Bet you have missed my parnoid snippets of Baby Led Weaning? My list of discoveries: -Avocado would act as a great natural adhesive (the stuff dries like cement!) -Sweet potato dries like tar (a dear friend pointed this out) -Little... Continue Reading →

“Boys Don’t Cry”- except the emotionally healthy ones

Doesn't it suck when your trying to discuss your inner most (complex) emotions and the other person: a)stares at you blankly;b) makes an inappropiate joke; c)  my personal favourite, changes the subject to something completely random (to be fair this is... Continue Reading →

Reusable Nappies- the love of my life and the bain of my husbands: 

Before we had Little Man, infact way before I even knew my husband, I decided that reusable nappies were the way forward. I just spent a rather exciting season travelling. In Australia I ended up staying a few days with... Continue Reading →

Frozen Banana Treats: baby led weaning recipe

Banana the earth's natural sweet. And when frozen is a great (nasty free) teething treat (this was inspired by a lovely friend). Little Man will gnaw on it for hours (well more like minutes but that is pretty long for... Continue Reading →

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