I have heard you have been naughty for Mum. You need to let her sleep!

Classic line. Two things run through my mind after someone has said this. One is pure self-pitysee Little Man they know you have been a pickle and left me exhusted”

The second is me imaging a ‘naughty baby’. To be naughty would require plotting. Oh how they have plenty of time to do this. Maybe , Little Man decided to not sleep during our daily battle of the coat (he almost dislikes it as much as the carseat). Or perhaps it was when I cruelly changed his dirty nappy. Oh wait! It must of been that time (there have been many atime) I rocked him to sleep when he wanted to play. All of which he certainly makes his dismay rather clear.

 “I shall seek social injustice from todays torture by rebelling and protest passively(-ish as he does sometimes grab my hair to really make things clear) against sleep” says naughty babies everywhere….

But let’s be honest here, my son is certainly  not daft but he is not anywhere near having mental capacity for being naughty.No baby is. To be naughty and to manipulate, you have to of gained the understanding that the other person is infact a person (and has feelings).There are  even some psychologists who think full empathy isn’t trully developed until adulthood. (Explains a lot!)

So no negative speech about babies. They are not naughty just blissfully unaware and unapologetically needy. They are built this way. They are healthy this way.  My son is not naughty he is infact a baby.

So No:

  • Naughty boy
  • Silly boy
  • Demanding boy
  • Stupid boy
  • Stubborn boy

You naughty grown ups! 😉

What negative phrases are you banning from your household?