Banana the earth’s natural sweet. And when frozen is a great (nasty free) teething treat (this was inspired by a lovely friend). Little Man will gnaw on it for hours (well more like minutes but that is pretty long for him).


  • Banana 
  • Greek yogurt
  • Any additional toppings you fancy!

I cut the banana into thirds to make the pieces perfect for little hands to hold. I then dipped and spread the yogurt on one end ( this is so they can grip the other). I kept it simple for Little Man this time. 

But I made some for me using almond butter on one ( I made sure it was palm oil free) and greek yogurt topped with flaked almond on the other ( yeah I love almonds). Pop them onto a tray and into the freezer for an hour. It was like guilt free icecream. Yum!

Allergies: obviously be careful when using nuts and nut products with young children and babies. Plus whole nuts are a choking hazard!

Topping Suggestions:

  • Flavoured yogurt ( I blend fruit of choice with greek yogurt: no added sugar & no nasties)
  • Peanutbutter and raspberries (for my American followers). 
  • Yogurt and dark chocolate chips (older children)
  • Homemade jam

Let me know how it goes! What did you use on your banana treats?

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