Before we had Little Man, infact way before I even knew my husband, I decided that reusable nappies were the way forward. I just spent a rather exciting season travelling. In Australia I ended up staying a few days with my lovely cousin, her husband and their adventerous toddler. Boy does parenthood suit her! They used reusables and so effiently. I was sold. (We on the otherhand are still perfecting our effiency!)

I know I am trying to promote the green dream, however, the truth is that reusable nappies  are not as easy as disposables (You guys have already guessed that right?) And while  I am being fully open and honest .. my husband doesn’t like them. Infact he hates them. But in reusables defence he has a serious  phobia of anything associated with human excrements(the man wears a mask to change our son. I kid you not!) He also may have been put off from a rather dramatic midnight leakage situation. 

Reusables are mainly awesome and Managable (promise). So don’t go and pick up those pampers quite yet.

 Here is our honest list of pros and cons of using reusable nappies:

PROS ( My list)

  • They save you loads of money (my husband does like this point!)
  • They are often bamboo or organic cotton so no nasty chemicals
  • Not adding to the nappies piling up in some landfield (200-500 years per nappy)
  • They look really awesome ( blog to follow)
  • They grow with your baby and can be used with future additions to the family  (more money saving)

CONS (his list)

  • Added washing 
  • Leakage issues ( I have found techniques to help prevent in daytime hours)

    Confession:  we do use disposables at night….Guess what is worse than having to outfit change your tired wet pooey baby?.. Having to change your own wet pooey soak outfit and all the bedsheets ( co-sleeping fun). Any advice to have leak free night please please let us know!


        Did you use reusables? What are your pros and cons?