Bet you have missed my parnoid snippets of Baby Led Weaning?

My list of discoveries:

Avocado would act as a great natural adhesive (the stuff dries like cement!)

-Sweet potato dries like tar (a dear friend pointed this out)

-Little Man loves corriander and Lemon Hummus

-He eats pitta like a wild starved animal

-He throws porridge like an angry monkey throwing faeces

-Cheese was a big hit

-Carrots take ages to boil

-Sleeved bib is not enough– add cloth bib to cover big gap by the neck

-Bib is too big (there is a huge gap by his neck)

-I need waterproofs

-Porridge is a great natural foot exfoliator

-Little Man does not conform to the myth of:

Once they are on soilds they sleep better

Google Searches:

Why does Avocado dry like cement?

How do you know there are no more small bones in cooked fish but still keeping it a finger shape?

When should baby be eating meat-Baby Led Weaning

Opps does my baby need more iron?

What does iron deficiency look like in  babies?


How to get avocado stains of out jeans?

Are button mushrooms too button shaped for Baby Led Weaning?

How is your BLW journey going? What crazy stuff have you googled during weaning?

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