As you all by know I like to avoid all nasties… here are some wholesome teething relief ideas:

(Disclaimer nothing has completely cured the grumpy, sad and gnawing baby)

  1. BickiePegs– strange little rock hard biscuits. They are sugar free,butter free, egg free and (obviously taste free too ) good for babies 6 months and over
  2. Teething Toys Fridge Style– This has probably been the least successful. The things only stay cold for like a minute. My Health Vistor looked at me like I am crazy when I suggested freezing… apparently this makes them rock hard (to be fair Sophie the Giraffe looked rather lost next to the frozen peas).
  3. Yogurt Treats– Homemade  frozen treats: easy and yummy. Click here for the recipe
  4. Human hand– Enough said (not fun for his unsuspecting victim especially since he has some teeth already)
  5. Teetha Powder– No nasties. Just chamomile.
  6. Frozen Banana– as simple as it sounds. But click here to  see how I spiced them up
  7. Whale voice– Nemo inspired. Read carseat blog for full details
  8. Aloe Vera Gelly– We used Forever. Great for gums, cuts, bruises and a neverending list of oilments

Anyone used an amber bracelet? My Sister in Law was impressed with hers, so we are keen to try one out.

What has worked for you? Try any of my ideas out? How did you find them?