The other day I was at the doctors with Little Man (we are rather frequent vistors at the moment). He had a nasty wheezy like  cough (turns out it just the bronchitius hanging about).

 I began the visit with my usual internal struggle should I conform or rebel against the clearly signed notice: buggies must be parked outside. The problem is the poster next to it says:

All items are left at your own risk! 

It doesn’t exactly instill you with a huge amount of confidence. I decided not to rebel (this time); took Little Man out; peeled him out of his many layers and sat down.

 Just infront of us was a beautiful lady and a little baby who had an impressive amount of dark locks(please note with their pushchair- rebels). Since Little man is a little baldy I find myself amazed by babies with hair. I, of course, complimented her babies full mane and the conversation went as follows

Me: Wow! He has amazing amount of hair! He is a hansome Little Fella!

Beautiful Lady: He is very hansome. He really does have beautiful hair  ever since he was born (Please note she completely ignored complimenting our Little Man- offended, much?!)

Me: Poor Little Man is still bald. How old is your son?

Beautiful Lady: He is 7 months AND He is already sitting up.… (Pretty sure 6/7 months is average).  How old is your son?

And so it begun. The developmental competition commenced. It is like the cold war but milestones are the weapon of choicw. At  each step you bring out something bigger and more impressive. Until one of you if completely out trumped. 

It continued:

Me: How clever! He is 6 months. He just started sitting up too. They grow up too fast!

She seem disapointed with my answer but determind to win she persisted:

Beautiful Lady: He has ALREADY started crawling now too.

Me: ( just catching on that this is a competition) Him too!  No more cups of tea for us. I am watching him like a hawk.

She continued (she is a resilent one)

Beautiful Lady: Well he is ALREADY walking now aswell…

She pauses smiling.(knowing victory was hers)

Me: Wow, that is amazing (7 months must bet a world record right?) And very early! 

Beautful lady mumbles quietly: Well…..he is walking in his walker. ( not quite walking  then, just saying)


Man does parenthood change your perception on what is gloat worthy! I would challenge any baby to out burp my Little Man (sometimes I have to check if it is him or my husband) Jokes aside I don’t blame her for being proud. She should be. We all should be. Each first time milestones is exciting. Worth celebrating!


let’s bring it down a notch.Let’s not compete. Let’s consider that parenthood is pressurised enough already.  And let’s be honest,  most babies reach most of those milestones anyway. So does it trully matter when? Most babies crawl, most babies walk and all babies burb ( not as loud as mine hehe ). Will it effect them as adults?  How often do you compare your developmental milestones with your friends and collueages? 

Sue so deserves a promotion, you know she was walking at ten months?”

He just so not my type, I mean he didn’t smile until he was 12 weeks old!”

Parenthood can makes you parnoid enough ( just look up my google history). The competitions can really freak us out even more. Should my baby be fluent in Latin by 8 months too? Should he be writing his name by 2? 

So I am going to try avoid competing. I am going try not to freak about Little Man’s developmental milestones (does Google rehab exist?). Instead I hope I will focus more on how wonderful it is that they all grow and change individually as the little individuals they are.

Sidenote: But if you are seriously concerned about your child’s development please speak to your Health Vistor 

Have you ever been dragged into a milestone competition?