Little Man loves sweet potato. My husbamd loves sweet potato. Who doesn’t love sweet potato?  So here is a sweet potato recipe for you to enjoy!

I am still hunting for cereal free breakfasts. I realised that my sugar addicted self (in sugar rehab now!) has only found sweet alternatives. Here is a savoury quick solution. But if you don’t fancy cottage cheese for breakie it would also make a great light lunch/after school snack.

This was inspired by an amazing blogHealthy Little Foodies’ whose food is rather yum. Have a look at her sweet version of sweet potato pancakes on You so should have a look at this blog, trust me!

Let the experiment begin!


  • One sweet potato/ 1  cups of mashed sweet potato
  • Four eggs
  • Paprika
  • Cumin
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Chives


Peel, chopped and then boil your sweet potato until is mashable. Add all the eggs and paprika/cumin- as much or as little as you like and mix well. I was surpised how liquidy the mixture turned out so don’t panic, it will rise up.

Heat up the pan using oil of choice (I used coconut) on medium heat. Then wait till the pan is hot (I got impatient and in classic pancake making I mucked up the first one).
Put a scoop of mixture in the pan. 

Please note the cut off pieces. I cut them off to make it look more pinterest pretty for you. Hope you appreciate the effort.

As you can see the ladle made this gaint pancake. Not quite ‘Baby Led Weaning’ friendly plus it was so hard to flip. I recommend putting 3ts of mixture per pancake. (This made around 12 small ones and one gaint one!)

Leave  them to cook for 2-5 minutes and then flip . You may need to repeat this until both sides look brown and slightly crisp.

Meanwhile mix some of the cottage cheese with fresh chopped chives. 

Yum yum!

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Let me know how they go for you? Anyone try the orginal sweet recipe, how did it turn out?