Parenthood is a lot like student life. You  are up at all hours of the night. Naps become a daytime norm. You only shop during off peak hours.The microwave becomes your best friend. And of course you have that one housemate (first year of university was a real joy) who ends up puking all night.. most nights. Oh and then , of course there is the mess! The beautiful (In a sort of conceptual art way!) result of several students living and eating in such a confined space.

I was renown for my disgustingly dirty room(s). Many friends found themselves lost amoungst my clothes, some of which were clean clothes (in my defense). I heavily believed in the ‘Floorobe‘ philosophy and had no fear of festering bacteria . Thankfully, as time has passed, I have matured and learnt to (sort of) keep a clean environment.

One of my many warped assumpations about becoming a parent was that I would miraculously be a cleaning godess whose scatter brain would vanish and cluttering would be a thing of the past. The reality is that juggling parenthood (especially with a baby who only sleeps long periods on you) and household chores is well… impossible for me.

The otherday a dear friend and her little person were planning to pop over for a cup of tea. Panic! You all know the drill, it is run round the house like a headless chicken tidying. Grabbing random handfuls of baby clothes that needed to be in the laundry basket; yesterdays breakfast bowls (it is way past lunchtime already) that needed to be washed; empty containers of hummus that needed to be recycled; the carseat, that has been sitting in the door way for days,needed to be put away. I want to make my place look organised, calm and like it is always prestine. I even find myself joking about the ‘state’ knowing how much tidier it is really looking by the time you arrived.

Infact the state of the house often puts me off even inviting you all around. It is too much! I always prefer to meet you out or at your own humble abode. Your places always look organised,clean and prestine. Basically I feel embarrassed and ashamed that my place doesn’t. But it is likely that you have also had the headless chicken moments to (please tell me I am not alone on this)!

Isn’t funny how we do that? Even though we know that people understand, particularly those with or who have had small people. I know that no one I am close to would judge me, yet I still want to make parenthood look easy. I want to make it look like I am on top of everything all of the time. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with taking pride in your house (and some of you manage it better than me) but if you do let the ball drop (as we all do). Don’t panic clean for me. I will not judge.  In fact I feel more at home ;)!

So maybe we should let each other off ? I am no longer panic cleaning for the sake of all our sanities ( I know right? How selfless of me ). Let’s just meet were we are at or rather meet were your house is at (dirty bowls ,dusty tables, baby fingerprints and laundry baskets full).


SIDENOTE: When does one enquire the ability to fold clothes? I was hoping it would be included in the ‘Mother’s Instinct Package’?