Plastic is the name. Plastic is the game. Plastic seems to literally be everywhere. Like everywhere. But there is something particularly tempting about the stuff once parenthood hits. I mean It is water proof, smash proof and wipeable. But it is some nasty stuff, toxic for us and our beautiful planet.


I have decided that I want to eventually live a waste free life (not even sure it is possible with a family?). In the meantime​ I am determined to tackle the sheer amount of plastic in our lives.

Here are some basic inexpensive changes we have made:

1. Bamboo Toothbrushes– batch buy off Amazon saves you some pennies. Plus they have charcoal bristles. Natural whitening. So say goodbye​ to Tea Teeth (a true British problem 😉 )

2. Degradgeable nappy sacks– we get ours from Sainburys. Especially helpful when you have forgotten your washable bag or have a dirty disposable. 

3. Degradeable nappies– ‘Naty‘ are the ones we use. My husband is not so keen. But we all know his extreme dislike to human body fluids. Heads up you still need to change these fairly frequently or be subject to leaky fun filled times!

4.Reusable nappies– I LOVE them. Need I must say more?! 

5. Second hand Plastic toys: When I was pregnant I vowed to only buy wooden toys. But do you know how hard it is to find wooden bath toys? So I have come to the realisation that to avoid all plastic toys will be near impossible. So my new discovery? Is the wonders of eBay local. Bargain central. We purchased Little Man a Little Trike Coupe for £7:50. 

6. Bamboo or tin cutlery:A dear friend who was acutely aware of my hippie ways and my warm affections for giraffes brought Little Man a giraffe bamboo set.  Cup and all. I am also in the midst of researching metal based cutlery.

7.No cling foil: Man that stuff is pretty useless. I am planning to make some beewax covers. (blog to follow). But in the meantime I used old take out boxes or the classic plate over the bowl combo. However, this only works if you ensure you have enough crockery items washed up (that is the hard part).

Saying goodbye to plastic one bit a time.

What changes have you made to limit your use of plastic?