Oh yeah, that’s​ refers to an Eminem lyric. Look at me I am such a rebel.

It just hit me the otherday that I have no idea what I like doing. I am guiltily craving ‘me’ time. Like almost as much as sleep (so that’s​ a lot). But what would ‘me’ time look like? ‘Me’ time that doesn’t end up being M-U-M time? I just don’t know. Somehow and somewhere between Little Man’s first breath and his first word I have fully lost a sense of self. 

Who am I?

This all began when I recieved an invite to a house party. A proper party. One with wine; one free of baby toys; one where people don’t wear clothes covered in vomit (well I hope so). One with no babies. One with no parents (that I am aware of or they are aware of 😉 ). Just adults talking adults stuff.

What do I have to discuss and what are my interests? I am pretty sure my small talk chatter about napping changing and weaning woes will fall on deaf ears.

I mean did have interests once too. I even use to have stuff to talk about. Stuff like Borris Johnson and his bikes, feminism, Obama and playing Sims. But now… I barely have time to have a shower 

So taking the initiative I decided to choose a hobby.

QUE Google:

Help I need a hobby

Here is a list of my top 5: 
1. Rock balancing– as simple (well it actually looks quite hard 😉 ) but as fun as it sounds. Plus it is free.

2. Baton twirling- my dyspraxia may add a slight challenge to this one.

3. Fantasy sports​– I am not great at actual sport or actual moving. But I have a great imagination. 

4. Circus skills​-one time when I was a kid we had someone teach us. Needless to say the Circus left town without me. I wasn’t quite a natural…..

5. Digital Arts– I have no idea what this is. But it sounds cool and hipster.

Which do you reckon says I am cool, interesting and not just mum (do people even still say the word cool?)? Any suggestions of hobbies people?

No pressure but last time I went to my friend’s party someone brought a homemade version of ‘Guess Who?!’ (classic right?). The guy used pictures of his friends instead of the cartoon faces. Genius. Who knew board game making was a hobby? 

Perhaps I just tried to simplify something that’s a little bit more complex than finding an awesome hobby. Actually, I just realised that this is first ever post that even featured my name… prize for the first person to spot it? Hint it isn’t mum. (T&C the prize is winning in itself).

I usually like to end my rambles with some sort of empowering parenthood conclusion. But essentially I have no clue how self-discovery works. Especially on three hours sleep, a tight budget and no time.

But I  will keep you guys updated and once I find that perfect formula I will share it with all.

P.s does hobby searching count as a hobby?

P.s.s Eminem was my 14 year old self’s main hobby, interest and point of discussion. I even had a sarong with his face on. And his biography made a real interesting read!