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Baby Led Weaning

Savoury Sweet Potato Pancakes with Dip: baby led weaning recipe

Little Man loves sweet potato. My husbamd loves sweet potato. Who doesn't love sweet potato?  So here is a sweet potato recipe for you to enjoy! I am still hunting for cereal free breakfasts. I realised that my sugar addicted... Continue Reading →


Baby Led Weaning: summary week 2 & 3 

Bet you have missed my parnoid snippets of Baby Led Weaning? My list of discoveries: -Avocado would act as a great natural adhesive (the stuff dries like cement!) -Sweet potato dries like tar (a dear friend pointed this out) -Little... Continue Reading →

Frozen Banana Treats: baby led weaning recipe

Banana the earth's natural sweet. And when frozen is a great (nasty free) teething treat (this was inspired by a lovely friend). Little Man will gnaw on it for hours (well more like minutes but that is pretty long for... Continue Reading →

Healthy Breakfast Muffins- Baby Led Weaning recipe

My disliking of cereal keeps me motivated to find healthy wholesome alternatives: Que these Yummy healthy breakfast muffins. It is even Sugar free (minus the fruit ). I found this recipe on pinterest. Here is the orginal  It is quick easy and wheat free.... Continue Reading →

Baby Led Weaning: Day one

The day finally came.  Menu: Cucumber Avocado Asparagus I had been so excited about introducing him to some of my personal favourites that I'd not thought through how practical asparagus is as a finger food. This then led to great panic!... Continue Reading →

Baby Led Weaning: Day two

I began todays meal with a real sense of calm(ish)...we can do this. Menu Headless Aparagus Avocado Banana Banana? Are you mad? All respectable advice encourages four days between introducing new foods(just in case of allergies). The rebel I am.... Continue Reading →

Frozen Yogurt treats!

 Baby led Weaning Recipe! I have always disliked cereal. No, correction hated cereal. Why is it all slimey? I would rush to eat my breakfast cereal as child to avoid the mushy milky mess it would quickly become. I have... Continue Reading →

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