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Savoury Sweet Potato Pancakes with Dip: baby led weaning recipe

Little Man loves sweet potato. My husbamd loves sweet potato. Who doesn't love sweet potato?  So here is a sweet potato recipe for you to enjoy! I am still hunting for cereal free breakfasts. I realised that my sugar addicted... Continue Reading →


Frozen Banana Treats: baby led weaning recipe

Banana the earth's natural sweet. And when frozen is a great (nasty free) teething treat (this was inspired by a lovely friend). Little Man will gnaw on it for hours (well more like minutes but that is pretty long for... Continue Reading →

Egg Muffins- Baby Led Weaning recipe

I love simple, adaptable and quick recipes. This fits the bill to a tee. AND we know how much a dislike soggy cereal for breakfast. Ingredients: Eggs ( I used six medium eggs for my deep tray above) Milk-just a splash otherwise... Continue Reading →

Healthy Breakfast Muffins- Baby Led Weaning recipe

My disliking of cereal keeps me motivated to find healthy wholesome alternatives: Que these Yummy healthy breakfast muffins. It is even Sugar free (minus the fruit ). I found this recipe on pinterest. Here is the orginal  It is quick easy and wheat free.... Continue Reading →

Frozen Yogurt treats!

 Baby led Weaning Recipe! I have always disliked cereal. No, correction hated cereal. Why is it all slimey? I would rush to eat my breakfast cereal as child to avoid the mushy milky mess it would quickly become. I have... Continue Reading →

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