During pregnancy you often imagine what it is like to experience your child’s first milestones. Their first smile. Their first step. Their first day of school. Oh how wonderful those moments will be/are.

I had not considered the slightly less picturesque scenes. The pure shock of the first time they pee on you (Or much worse the first time they poo on you). Their first cold. Their first bumped head.

Well little man hit a new milestone and way earlier than I expected….

His first bite.

Oh yes. At the precious age of 7 month old, Little Man decided to test run his only two teeth.

Let me set the scene​.

We were at a lovely little sensory class for pre-walkers. It is calm, quiet and safe place for young babies (not for long). Little Man being a keen bean had been crawling for just over a month. As a result meant I spent half of the session trying to keep up with him.

He ended up vomiting on part of the carpet and as I was frantically cleaning it up (glamorous I know), he sensed he new found freedom. With great haste he headed to the other side of the room. This happened to be at the very same moment a mother placed her lovely little baby down to sort out a bottle. A baby who was alot younger than our Little Man. A baby who was too young to move away.

Little Man quickly made his way to his target. You could literally hear the jaws theme tune.

duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun 

 It was too late. He stuck his mouth right on top of the little baby’s sweet head.  I pulled him off quick. But not quick enough. There on her beautiful little head were two pink marks.

As the poor girl wailed, my heart sank. Little man now in my arms seemed blissfully unaware of the discomfort he had caused. I was accurately aware and was feeling very guilty.

The mother was reasonable and relaxed about it. Thank God. And of course Little Man is way too young to have had any other motivate but exploration.

But it provoked uneasy feeling. How should I deal with him biting so young? What is the protocol? Is there anything I can do?  It basically triggered a new realisation about parenting: That I am way out of my depth (see what I did there? Shark? Water? Depth? Clever hey?).

Que Google:

“Help,my baby is a biter'”

It had suddenly dawned on me that I have (and my husband) the responsibility to help nurture a civilised humanbeing. One who shares; uses cutlery; abides by the law; respects the unwritten rules of queuing and of course, whom doesn’t fart in public (he is not doing well with that at all!)

   …Umm… No pressure then?! I’ve only just worked out how to change a nappy one handed ( and not very well). How I meant to know how to guide him to be socially aware? Hmmm. Maybe I can just settle for a human being that doesn’t bite?

But until then I will watch my Little peruana like a hawk.

And to that lovely Mum, I am sorry again!


 Have you hand any awkward baby biting situations? Any tips on nurturing civilised humanbeings?