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The chair of ‘torture’ AKA:  The Car Seat.

If I could have a penny the amount of times I have been told of the miracle of the carseat. Babies across the world scream themselves blue until they're are placed within a car. The engine purs and gently vibrates... Continue Reading →

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Top Tips: Chores for Toddlers

Okay, I know what you are thinking! Charlotte, you are not a tidy person, why on earth are you handing out chore tips?! Well, I need someone in this house to be tidy and it is too late for Nerr... Continue Reading →

Happy Slapping: My Son’s Favourite ‘Vintage’ Game.

Isn't funny how our past comes to haunt us once we are parents? Many moments trigger memories, insecurities  and ...... urm ridiculously destructive games. For example Happy Slapping. Happy may not of been the most apt choices of names but... Continue Reading →

Little Man’s Top Ten words

  For those who are interested, which I assume is everyone........ because my child is fascinating to me, so surely you guys are too ;). Side note: Have you all noticed how I massively side stepped mentioning my lack of... Continue Reading →

Cry me a River: Self confessions of wallowing

"What, you don't have a TV!?" An old friend exclaimed. One of which I haven't seen in literally years. "What do you do in the evenings then?" "I don't know... I  am just too crazy busy with working and being... Continue Reading →

Snow Storms and Thunderous Toddlers

  "Let it snow let it snow let it snow." This song has Literally been spinning around in my head for the last few days. The insanely catching song which may of influenced my subconscious mind, with the crazy idea... Continue Reading →

Will the Real Charlotte Please Stand up? Please Stand Up: A mummy self-identity crisis

Oh yeah, that's​ refers to an Eminem lyric. Look at me I am such a rebel. It just hit me the otherday that I have no idea what I like doing. I am guiltily craving 'me' time. Like almost as much... Continue Reading →

Top tips: 6 ways to cut down on plastic!

Plastic is the name. Plastic is the game. Plastic seems to literally be everywhere. Like everywhere. But there is something particularly tempting about the stuff once parenthood hits. I mean It is water proof, smash proof and wipeable. But it... Continue Reading →

Sink Tetris

This game is a favourite of my husband and I's. Sink Tetris. This bad boy sneaks out to play during particularly bad patches of sleep. The aim of the game? Stack as carefully as you can without breaking anything. This... Continue Reading →

Jaws: the biting baby edition

During pregnancy you often imagine what it is like to experience your child's first milestones. Their first smile. Their first step. Their first day of school. Oh how wonderful those moments will be/are. I had not considered the slightly less... Continue Reading →

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