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The chair of ‘torture’ AKA:  The Car Seat.

If I could have a penny the amount of times I have been told of the miracle of the carseat. Babies across the world scream themselves blue until there are placed within a car. The engine purs and gently vibrates... Continue Reading →

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Will the Real Charlotte Please Stand up? Please Stand Up: A mummy self-identity crisis

Oh yeah, that's​ refers to an Eminem lyric. Look at me I am such a rebel. It just hit me the otherday that I have no idea what I like doing. I am guiltily craving 'me' time. Like almost as much... Continue Reading →

Top tips: 6 ways to cut down on plastic!

Plastic is the name. Plastic is the game. Plastic seems to literally be everywhere. Like everywhere. But there is something particularly tempting about the stuff once parenthood hits. I mean It is water proof, smash proof and wipeable. But it... Continue Reading →


Sink Tetris

This game is a favourite of my husband and I's. Sink Tetris. This bad boy sneaks out to play during particularly bad patches of sleep. The aim of the game? Stack as carefully as you can without breaking anything. This... Continue Reading →


Jaws: the biting baby edition

During pregnancy you often imagine what it is like to experience your child's first milestones. Their first smile. Their first step. Their first day of school. Oh how wonderful those moments will be/are. I had not considered the slightly less... Continue Reading →


Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness: not in our household!

Parenthood is a lot like student life. You  are up at all hours of the night. Naps become a daytime norm. You only shop during off peak hours.The microwave becomes your best friend. And of course you have that one... Continue Reading →


Savoury Sweet Potato Pancakes with Dip: baby led weaning recipe

Little Man loves sweet potato. My husbamd loves sweet potato. Who doesn't love sweet potato?  So here is a sweet potato recipe for you to enjoy! I am still hunting for cereal free breakfasts. I realised that my sugar addicted... Continue Reading →


Parenthood The Ultimate Competition: ‘developmental race’

The other day I was at the doctors with Little Man (we are rather frequent vistors at the moment). He had a nasty wheezy like  cough (turns out it just the bronchitius hanging about).  I began the visit with my... Continue Reading →


Teething Terrors-Helping Hints

As you all by know I like to avoid all nasties... here are some wholesome teething relief ideas: (Disclaimer nothing has completely cured the grumpy, sad and gnawing baby) BickiePegs- strange little rock hard biscuits. They are sugar free,butter free,... Continue Reading →


Transport Tantrums: the joys of parenthood during rush hour!

It was around 17:00 on a Monday and it was full on rush hour (organised people avoid such peak times..I have never been described as organised). Little Man by some kind of miracle was asleep (if a miracle counts as... Continue Reading →


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