This game is a favourite of my husband and I’s. Sink Tetris. This bad boy sneaks out to play during particularly bad patches of sleep. The aim of the game? Stack as carefully as you can without breaking anything.

This is not our best work. Clearly lots of gaps ;).
Our full sink, fondly reminded me of a house party I went to once in Brighton. It was of course a student house. Were Argos’ crockery sets were the standard. These always came in sets of four. Four cups were never enough. Particularly, if you were adverse to washing up and had a larger than four people friendship group. Naturally, by the time I arrived they had ran out of cups. Drinking out of bowls was the obvious solution. Please note bowl drinking in itself is a skill.

So with my Brighton days on on my mind and  after a 4am wake up we headed to there. Instead of cleaning. Life is too short. And quite frankly the sink was too full! The cleaning could wait. No regrets. Little Man loved the pebbles.

Bowl of coffee anyone?

at least Sink Tetris is better than Bin Buckaroo